Who is O’Connor?

So, lets begin with myself. I am Connor Head (O’Connor is a nickname of mine), I am a second year Journalism major at the University of Maine in Orono. Hopefully going to add a double major of New Media to that degree as well. This blog is essentially for a Journalism course I’m taking this year in college but if it takes off this semester who knows where it will end up. Regardless I have created this blog about games, for gamers and by a gamer. I have been thoroughly enthralled with video games since I was very young. What I call a passion some call a waste or obsession but I know I’m not the only gamer out there! My hope is to one day take my degree (‘s) and transcend from a person digital space to writing for a big time gaming journalism outlet like Game Informer or IGN. What I report to you will be everything i discover and take on in the gaming world; new games, consoles, DLC, equipment, rumors. You name it, I will do my best to have already played it or dive right on in. I feel I am best suited to bring you, the readers, this information because I’ve shared and have had extensive experience playing and discussing games on a serious basis. They are a deep rooted passion of mine that I honestly don’t think I could do without after having them in my life for so long. Growing up on classic Nintendo titles like Pokemon and Super Mario and maturing into the intense and rich lands of Ancient Greece in the God of War series. I may have even shared the battlefield with some of you playing an online match of Call of Duty at some point. I feel that it is this shared experience and enjoyment of gaming that will make this a reliable and enjoyable blog for you readers to follow. You can follow me on twitter: @connorhead2; Facebook: Connor Head; or get in touch with me by email at connor_head@yahoo.com.

this is a biographical video a classmate made of me!


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