Player’s Guide to the PS4 Chapter 4: Debate

Alrighty everybody! Welcome back to WrmH0l3. Today’s post will be a consumer opinion on what console they prefer and why. Having that personal opinion from someone other than a game company or that big retailer is always good because it brings the console into the light of what consumers want out of it. The big new features are not exploited by advertising, they are actually looked at for usefulness and enjoyment by other consumers.

My personal view on the consoles is that I enjoy both Xbox and Play Station. Over the years they both have given me plenty to enjoy. I don’t expect anything less from this next generation either, though I do have to say that my heart has been set with Sony for many years now. Only because I like their console exclusives so much and the PS3 had free online gaming. Then everyone will throw around that Sony got hacked and all. I personally am not bothered by that, it happened around a time that I wasn’t gaming online anyway. Plus they have totally revamped the PSN, making it better and more efficient.

Amid all the controversy about which console is better, don’t forget the congratulations Sony and Microsoft shared with one another on their launch days. We shouldn’t let who is better get in the way of realizing that we all play games and share that common experience, just have fun playing games together. Not spending that time arguing about who sucks and rocks for playing what games on what console.

Until next time!

Stay Calm and Play PS4


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