Player’s Guide to the PS4 Chapter 1: Home

Hello gamers! Today marks the first chapter in my Player’s Guide. As I mentioned in my last post, this chapter will cover the home screen on the PS4. I will be taking a look at the layout, features, accessibility and other aspects in comparison to the PS3 and overall likability.

So, to begin, lets get a good look at the home layout for the Ps4!

This is a commercial of sorts that Sony released to display their home center functionality. As it was displayed you have everything you need at the base screen. You have your game that you last played or just put in ready to go with the extra options of seeing who owns the same game, trophies you have earned for the game, news feed on the game for updates and such, shared media from friends and add on material right from the get go.


This already has a huge advantage from the PS3 menu where you had to navigate a series of menus, then sub menus to find what content you are looking for.

The less than favorable PS3 navigation for the main menu (image provided by:

The less than favorable PS3 navigation for the main menu (image provided by:

Beyond the options it provides for your game, it also displays the games and applications you have downloaded to the console such as Killzone, media player and the web!

The PS4 and the PSN have also been worked into somewhat of a social network for players, allowing them to see not only what they are doing but what their PSN friends are doing as well. Let us use Henry Bayle’s profile as an example:

When looking at someones profile on PSN, it shows you their trophies, what they are currently playing and gives you the option to join their session, and also shows you some recent activity. This is all accessed from a simple search system. This system has its ups and downs compared to the PS3.

Someone copied my username... for the fifth time... (image provided:

Someone copied my username… for the fifth time… (image provided:

Unlike the PS4, the Ps3 was much more basic. You simply found out someones gamer tag and put them into a friend request. It would then send and if they wanted to they could accept. There isn’t much outside of that, you can send game invites and do personal messaging. But there is not in depth on what they do or have played outside of their trophy collection. I guess the simplicity is nice for the PS3 but lacks in connectivity with those your playing with unless you already know them.

The last piece we will talk about is the PSN itself. Honestly, with the PS3 versions recent update it appears that they are the same, it’s just the integration into next gen that is different for the PS4 with download play and background downloads that can run while the system is in sleep mode. Or the mobile PSN app purchases downloading right to your PS4. Other than those new gen features they operate off the same store model.

Well that about wraps up WrmH0l3’s PS4 home menu coverage! Hope this was insightful and helped you guys get a better grasp of it! Until next chapter!

Stay Calm and Play PS4


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