A Players Guide to the PS4

Hello gamers! Today it is my regret to inform you that the next few posts on this blog shall be my last (writing for this blog that is), but I want to end things on a good note! I want to leave you guys with a detailed insight on the PS4, what it’s capable of, what it can do, and so on. Everyone can read about a big game news center doing reviews, but I always like having that average player perspective when looking at my console and the games for it.

This post I want to be more of an overview of what the guide is going to give you. I want this guide to be able to provide a perspective for players, having both the positives and negatives presented equally. From my last post on Microsoft’s display on Sony’s launch day, I want to be the one to present the PS4 in a non-biased light so you see everything and not just the neat features.

So to move forward, chapter one of the guide will be covering the PS4 home screen and PSN. In the advancement of ideas and connectivity that Sony wants for its consumers, their layout for the store and the home screen have changed drastically since the PS3. The PSN has also changed a lot in that PS Plus is a necessity to your online play now and not just a nice option to have.

The second chapter will be an exploration of the new abilities the console has such as cloud gaming services, background downloads, sleep mode and so on and seeing what is good about them and what is bad.

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Chapter 3 will be an actual game review on the PS4. Covering things like the graphics and performance on the PS4 but also looking at the smaller features and aspects that playing games on the PS4 brings such as live streaming of your gameplay, the controller interactivity with its new touch pad and more.

In chapter 4 I want to do a lined up comparison to the Xbox One, using what I have gathered in the first 3 chapters and looking at the Xbox One to make an honest comparison.

The last chapter, chapter 5 will inform players wallets about the console. I want to do a cost layout for the PS4, extra equipment, games and so on.

I hope you all enjoy my guide as much as I hope I can bring you helpful and interesting information! Until next time!

Stay Calm and Play the PS4!


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