True Gaming Spirit: Why can’t we all just get along?

Hello gamers! Today I want to share with you all for those that haven’t seen or heard about it a real show of respect. This past week Sony released their PS4, an anticipated console and rival to Microsoft’s Xbox One which releases Nov. 22. Now as we all know, Sony and Microsoft have been at each others throats competing for the #1 title in consumers wallets. However, amid all of the chaos on the console battlefield, Microsoft was able to brush the dust off and congratulate Sony on a successful launch.

Yes you read right, Microsoft and Sony have engaged on pleasant terms with one another. It all began with a simple tweet from Xbox Live’s Director of Programming Larry Hyrb. Sony in response thanked them and shared equal sentiments for their launch of the Xbox One next week.


Just yesterday morning, Microsoft on their official Xbox Twitter page posted this:


It is truly amazing to see that these two companies, differences aside are able to appreciate one another’s successes. Maybe fans can learn something from this and learn to respect one another a little more than we do. Regardless of who you are Xbox fan, Play Station junkie, die-hard Nintendo fan or PC gamer, we are all gamers. It doesn’t matter how we do it, but what we get from it that matters. Until next time gamers!

Stay Calm and Show Some Love!

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