A Look at the Future of Gaming: The Oculus Rift and where it stands today

Hello gamers! Welcome back to WrmH0l3, today I want to discuss the future of gaming and what it will mean to us gamers in the near and distant future. I’m sure everyone has dreamed of jumping right into your favorite video game and being a part of the world inside the disc that you put into your console. Well the brilliant minds over at Oculus have been working hard at bringing gamers as close to that as possible.

The Oculus Rift is a new age virtual reality headset that will bring gamers a fully immersed experience within the realm of first-person games. With a 7 inch display that cuts 100% of the stereoscopic overlap in the 3D function, powerful 1080p retina display and a seclusion effect that blocks out the outside world throws players immediately into the game with visual stimulation alone.

With such powerful technology, one may think “well is it game ready yet?” The answer is “sort-of.” Although the development is progressing at a high rate and there are actually 3D VR renditions of popular titles such as Doom 3-4 and Half Life 2, they are playable through the development kit. Oculus is still hard at work perfecting every detail in the headset to bring to the consumer version. There are still some bugs such as screen door issues, not big ones but some that have been noticed.

Gaming is not the only technology that the Oculus Rift has branched into however, the headset has been turned into a pair of eyes for drone simulations as well and has the capabilities of being used in fields such as medical, architecture and many others.

A current status of the Oculus Rift is that it is PC compatible due to their ability to function at high resolutions that are needed to keep the visual display functioning at necessary specs. As for next-gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox1, Oculus is unsure if they will be readily available for those consoles as the integration and necessary resolution functionality are not totally there yet.

Aside from it’s infancy problems the Oculus Rift is shaping up to be a powerful and incredibly intriguing piece of tech for gamers around the globe. Until next time gamers!

Stay Calm and Play virtual Reality


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