Braving the Storm: Blizzard finally solidifies it’s online brawler

Hello gamers! Welcome back to WrmH0l3, today I want to reach out to the PC crowd; fans of Blizzard Entertainment to be exact. If you have not heard yet, Blizzard is currently in the works of their own online brawler game. I’m referring to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard discussed the game at Blizzcon 2013 to their dedicated fans after teasing them for the past few years with it as they worked on whether they actually were going to make it. The game will feature 20 years of Blizzard gaming history, from iconic characters to the memorable landscapes players traveled in their journeys.

Players will be able to select from four types of characters: Assassins, Warriors, Support and Specialist.

Assassin characters will be able to deal severe amounts of damage, prefering to take out unsuspecting players. However, they need to be wary as they don’t take damage well. Warrior characters are as you might think, tough in battle and just as tough to take down. Another given character in the Support is your healer or buffer, they can change the tides of battle depending on how you and your team play. Last but not least, your Specialist characters, these are characters that play specific roles in the battle depending on how your team is playing that match.

This title is also a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA). Players of League of Legends should find some comfort in the playing style of Heroes of the Storm as you and a few teammates take on an opposing team to achieve a goal and win the match!

Aside from gameplay, players also have customizing their characters to look forward too. Heroes of the Storm is giving players the handle on how their character will fight and look. There will be a selection of masteries, heroic abilities and combat styles. Then you can work on their appearance with skins. Another feature is mounts that characters can ride into battle. Yes, Diablo stormed the battle field on a unicorn in the gameplay video.

Blizzard first introduced Heroes of the Storm to Blizzard fans at Blizzcon 2010 to test the waters with their abilities in the battle arena genre. The game resurfaced at the next Blizzcon in 2011 with a lot more support from fans and Blizzard alike. Here is a video with the developers behind Heroes of the Storm!

Blizzard is working to bring a fresh taste of the Brawler genre with Heroes of the Storm. And with more to come in the next few days, we will certainly hear more about the title! Until next time gamers!

Stay Calm and Battle

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