The Fantastic World of Gaming

Hello gamers! Welcome back to WrmH0l3. Today I want to discuss a new console that is coming to players next summer that can very well change the way that gamers interact with their consoles. I am referring to the OUYA.

The OUYA is an all new console gaming experience that will change how gaming is done. It is an android powered “hackable” device. Powered by a Tegra 3 processor, 1 Gigabyte of RAM, and 8 gigs of flash storage.

When I say “hackable,” I literally mean hackable. The developers behind OUYA are promoting their device to be suited up with more powerful technology as an “open console.” Giving developers and other gamers the opportunity to develop new content and reveal their potential in video game development.

With so many great minds in the world with just no way to get their ideas to become realities, the OUYA steps up and allows players to develop their own games via the Unity development software or other software that can be downloaded to the console.

For those who aren’t that interested in development and just want to dive into the new gaming experience, the OUYA has a lot to offer gamers. To begin, it has access to several professionally made emulators for the N64, SNES, Gameboy Advanced and a few others.

It also has software for cloud gaming where you can download and play tons of your favorite titles and have them live streamed to your living room to the OUYA. OnLive, the cloud gaming service has recently struck up partnership with OUYA to bring hundreds of big-ticket games to the console at launch. Along with several indie titles that have been in development and already developed like The Cave by Double Fine Studios!

Cloud-gaming is on the rise, and finding a great partner in the OUYA. (image provided by:

Cloud-gaming is on the rise, and finding a great partner in the OUYA. (image provided by:

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “such a unique console has to be expensive, I can’t afford to drop another $300 or $400 on a console!” Well, you don’t have too! The OUYA is going on retail for $99! Not only is this innovative technology impressive, but affordable as well.

For more information and new news on the OUYA console, visit the OUYA Blog at:

Let me know what you think of the OUYA here at WrmH0l3 via comments, Facebook or Twitter! Until next time gamers.

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