Ryse! You are the Son of Rome

Hello gamers! Welcome back to WrmH0l3, it feels like it’s been a while since my last post, so lets jump back into it. Today we will be talking about one of the awesome titles that will be hitting Xbox One consoles, Ryse: Son of Rome.

Ryse: Son of Rome takes players back to the times of the mighty Roman Empire. A time where the once proud and glorious government fell to corruption and the barbaric tribes that intend to take over. You will take the role of Marius Titus, an up and coming general in the Roman Legions. Being led through his whole life, you will witness the festering of vengeance in his life. Eventually commanding your own armies to claim back what is Rome’s and exacting your vengeance.

The game during development has been hugely influenced by the combat and tactics from “… the innumerable Roman campaigns that lead to the [modern] concept of total war.”  It takes place in an alternate-history of the time period, as most history based games do, following the life of Marius Titus.

Marius is a simple soldier of the Empire, that is, until he witnesses a group of barbarian bandits murder his family. The lust for vengeance propels him through the ranks of the Roman military eventually putting him in a leadership position or “centurion” as it is called in the Roman ranking system.

The incredible design and complexity of the game is all thanks to the new generation hardware and Crytek’s new CryENGINE. This new and powerful development software is the latest in Crytek’s development series, having stunning capabilities that breath incredibly realistic features into games.

With the technology in CryENGINE, Crytek has been able to create an immersive, intense and brutal combat system for Ryse: Son of Rome

Unfortunately not much else is known about this glorious game. But I will keep you all up to date as information becomes available! Until next time!

Stay Calm and Ryse

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