Whatchu Know ‘Bout WrmH0l3?

Hello readers! Today is a special post about some frequently asked questions I get. I wanted to take some time and answer your questions and clarify some things you all may be curious about.

How do you select content to write about?

Hmm… well really I write about what I find interesting. Stuff like my inFamous vs. Prototype article and my Pokemon article were written because they are games that I found highly enjoyable and worth writing about. I hope I will be able to bring my readers news and reviews on next-gen consoles soon. 

How can we rely that what you are writing about is actually true?

I would like to get out of the way that everything I write about, I make sure to educate myself on it fairly well before I write. It would make no sense to make things up and send it out for readers. Then  come launch day nothing I told them was true, I lose readers and you guys get disappointed. It’s a lose lose situation, plus I don’t want to exert the energy to make up a ton of information of games hahaha.

What if there is a specific thing I want to see on the blog?

Simply get in touch with me would be the best way to have that happen! I would love to write about stuff you guys want to read. You can reach me at my personal email: connor_head@yahoo.com, my facebook which is just Connor Head or my twitter account: @connorhead2!

What else besides game reviews will we see from you?

It’s my hope that as I grow as a writer and the blog grows that I will be able to provide more to you such as convention coverages like PAX and Gamescon. Though these are longer term goals I hope to bring those to you all eventually!

Why gaming? 

Because I love it that’s why! I have been playing games since Pokemon Red and Blue on my Gameboy Color at age 8. They are a guilty pleasure of mine that I never intend to give up. I also know I’m not the only person who enjoys them so I want to be the person who brings information about them to people. Nothing feels better than being able to have a conversation with someone about your favorite game. 

I hope this helps you guys to get a better idea about me, what I do and why I do it! 

Stay Calm and Play a Game!


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