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10 Video Games That Are and Would Make Fantastic Movies

Hello gamers! As I’m sure all of you have noticed over the years, video games are trying to make their way to the big screen! The latest game to do so (though not very well) was Prince of Persia. We can all agree that movie was not the greatest rendition of that franchise. However, there are some titles fighting for scripts and development such as God of War, Halo and most recently World of Warcraft! Here is a list of games that WrmH0l3 would gladly go see in theaters.

10. God of War

Though some scripting processes and trying to find all the pieces to make this a film have already gone underway, this would still be an incredible movie to go see. Players have already seen the cinematic quality that could be brought to the franchise with their television commercial “To Ashes” for God of War: Ascension.

This two minute commercial captures the origins of Kratos and his anger very well! Whats stopping a producer from making a movie like this? I have no doubt it would crush the Box Office no problem.  In an interview with series writer Marianne Krawczyk, development and scripting is underway but there is difficulty in rendering a gamer-approved Kratos after the series has dove so deep into the character. Check out the article here:

9. Bioshock

Another topic discussed by many on forums and even big league gaming news outlets like IGN, Bioshock would make a compelling and terrifying movie. A “Great Gatsby-“like setting in an underwater metropolis that has been ravaged by the insane inhabitants and time. Following Jack as he uncovers the twisted history of Rapture.

IGN has done an article on how Baz Luhrmann, the director of the Great Gatsby, would be the best director for a bioshock movie! Check it out here:

8. Darksiders ( I & II)

These games were a journey of epic proportions, something that if done correctly could be made into cinematic gold. Darksiders is a game that is the post-apocalyptic journey of War, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. He traverses chaos-ravaged earth in search of the culprit who has started the apocalypse. Before THQ went under in late 2012, the series was blooming with fan basis and a lust for a movie of some kind, animated or live actors. The cinematic quality the first game has with its opening cutscene are the makings of a truly impressive film.

7. Assassin’s Creed

Another highly sought out movie material by fans, a movie is currently in the pipeline for this franchise! Anticipated to be released May of 2015, Ubisoft has enlisted Michael Fassbender (Shame, Inglorious Bastards) to help produce and act in the movie. Along with the help of Michael Lesslie, and screen writer Scott Frank to write the script. It is funny that in an interview with The Daily Beast (IGN), Fassbender has never played an Assassin’s Creed game. We can only hope that Ubisoft and its cohorts stay true to the series and make it as epic as possible!

6.  Dead Space

Another movie that is under development with EA. Their latest video game rendition of Need for Speed with Dream Works has been set to release March of 2014. The Dead Space movie has to take on its proposals as scripts. An article by Variety talks with EA and its contributors on the Dead Space movie, you can read it here:

A Dead Space movie would be very thrilling, a great horror movie to go see. However, it would have to be told from a more personal perspective of Issac Clark rather than the calamity that happened on the Ishimura. It would become an Alien movie if we watched Issac tackle necromorphs left and right on the big screen. He as a character has a deep rooted conflict within himself and his search for his love on the ship hoping she is alive. Playing on that would bring the film to life.

5. Halo

In years past, Neil Blomkamp had been recruited by Peter Jackson to create a Halo movie. However, the project fell apart. In its ruins however, Blomkamp was able to create the box office buster film “District 9” from the scraps of the Halo film. There havent been any recent reports on a pick up for the project, but I personally would still like to see a big screen Master Chief. A smaller film was created to introduce Halo 4, Forward Unto Dawn. This was a look at a Spartan training facility that is attacked by Covenant forces, Master Chief comes to the rescue and saves the star recruits. Worth a watch if you ask me. Blomkamp stated in an interview with LA Times that he’d be happy to reconsider “Halo” if he was given “control” of the project creativly. Check out the article here:

4. Ratchet and Clank

Another game that is confirmed to make a debut on the big screen, Ratchet and Clank was a popular family friendly series for the Play Station.

The quarky tales of the Lombax, Rachet, and his robotic side-kick Clank are taking their big step to theaters in 2015! Insomniac along with Rainmaker and Blockade Entertainment are going through Primary production, utilizing voice actors from the game franchise.

3. Legend of Zelda

The young elf warrior of Hyrule would bring hordes of fans to theaters. The epic journey through the lands of Hyrule in search of Princess Zelda would make a great film for all ages to appreciate. New fans who are just getting started with the series or older fans who followed the series from its beginnings. Nintendo has considered making a film but wishes to incorporate their unique gaming experience to make the movie an interactive experience.

2. Gears of War

The intense story of Gears would become instant block buster and break the box office. So many deep relationships were created between the players and the characters. It would make an absolutely fantastic movie, series even. Although development has been started for a film, it’s been stuck there for ages. Slowly being forgotten, lets hope that someone can revive the idea and bring it to life!

1. inFamous

The story of Cole MacGrath and his newly discovered superpowers would be a good take on the super-hero to super-villain choice that people were given in the game. No superhuman movies today have given their character the choice to use their powers as they wished. It was always some underlying reason to use their powers and generally for the greater good. But to have a protagonist possibly become an antagonist and destroy the city rather than save it? That is something that would make an impact on the crowd.

Doing some research, some of these movies tried to make it to the big screen, some are working on it, some have failed and died off, some haven’t even been considered. Who knows where the film industry will take our precious video games. Until next time gamers! For more on movies check out my friend Christians blog Film Grind!

Stay Calm and Hope For Movies!


A Couple Things That Go Bump in the Night: A Halloween Listicle!

Hello gamers! Welcome back to wrmH0l3. It’s that time of year again; the leaves change color and fall from the trees, apple cider and pumpkin carving, but more importantly the monsters come out to play. Halloween is upon us! This article we will be looking at gamings most terrifying characters and the 5 games that will make you fear the dark.

5 Scariest Games:

Alright, lets start this off right. Here are the 5 scariest games you should play with the lights off, alone in a silent house.

Dead Space:

Space, such a vast and complex place. No one really knows a whole lot about it, whats out there, what could be living out there, or what could be watching us. Dead Space puts you into the vast reaches of space on an abandoned “Planet Cracker” filled with the eviscerated remains of its crew. Issac Clark, an engineer is sent with a small response team to check it out. However, what they discover is far from pleasant. An alien species has found its way on board that turns the dead corpses of the crew into horrific and gruesome beasts known as Necromorphs. You must survive the attacks and find out what happened to the crew and how to stop the species from taking over.

Amnesia: the Dark Descent 

The only thing scarier than waking up someplace you don’t recognize is waking up there and not remembering anything at all. Amnesia: the dark descent is a horror survival game that throws you into an abandoned castle with no clue as to why or how to escape. The castle is riddled with ominous screams, remnants of the past and horrifying monsters. You only have three options of playing: hiding, running, or dying a horrid death. It’s sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, is just as, if not more so terrifying.

Slender: The Arrival

For those who aren’t familiar with pop culture, Slender Man is a fictional creature created for a horror competition that has quickly ascended to modern horror icon. In a previous video game title, Slender: The Eight Pages, you are stranded in the woods with a less than functional flashlight on the hunt for 8 pages with warnings on them. You must avoid contact with Slenderman. In The Arrival, you are tossed into a much more intense environment, uncovering a disturbing story about the shadowy figure.

The Evil Within:

Although not released quite yet, this is a horror survival game of its own right. Shinji Mikami, the creator of the game is a father of horror survival. Him and his team are working to create an intense game with an in-depth story, highly-crafted environment and horrifying anxiety that fully immerses the player to draw you in from the start.


A FPS survival horror game that puts players in the shoes of a character called the Point-Man. An operative working for the government special ops forces F.E.A.R who deal in paranormal threats. him and his team are given a mission to eliminate an enemy known as Paxton Fettel who is working with Delta Forces after taking command telepathically of a controlled army of clone super soldiers.

Now it is time to dive into the five most feared characters in all of gaming!

5. The Wallmasters (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

The horrid phantoms that dwell in the dungeons that Link crawls. (image provided by:

The horrid phantoms that dwell in the dungeons that Link crawls. (image provided by:

So these creepy mofo’s are the reason that countless players have spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to complete one dungeon in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They will transport our favorite elf warrior back to the dungeon entrance and make him start his adventure all over again if he is caught by the severed phalanges.

4. Shibito (Siren: Blood Curse)

What's worse than an undead creature with a taste for flesh? One that is both intelligent and can turn into some insect-like abomination! (image provided by:

What’s worse than an undead creature with a taste for flesh? One that is both intelligent and can turn into some insect-like abomination! (image provided by:

A terrifying, super-zombie hybrid from Hell, the Shibito are the coherent revived malevolent spirits of Siren: Blood Curse and the main enemies. They can turn themselves into insect-like creatures such as spiders and maggots, because that’s a totally fair thing for an already terrifying creature to be able to do.

3. Necromorphs (Dead Space Series)

The dead are.... exploding... now growing extra limbs.... oh god... are those claws? (image provided by:

The dead are…. exploding… now growing extra limbs…. oh god… are those claws? (image provided by:

The alien parasite that turns living tissue into horrid killing machines in space. Makes me totally want to be an astronaut when I grow up! Syke! These horrible enemies like to trick Issac Clark as he explores the deserted Ishimura. Varying from Slashers to Pregnants, they are all out for blood and will do anything from play dead to hide in the ventilation systems.

2. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

The executioner ain't got nothin' on Pyramid Head (image provided by:

The executioner ain’t got nothin’ on Pyramid Head (image provided by:


The iconic villain in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head was the bane of sweet dreams for anyone brave enough to make the venture into the dark history of Silent Hill and into the psyche of James Sunderland. This abomination stems from James’ want to be punished for the death of his wife, whist taking on his executioner appearance from the towns dark past of executions.

1. Unagi the Eel (Super Mario 64)

The most terrifying eel you will ever meet in your life. 'Nuff said. (image provided by:

The most terrifying eel you will ever meet in your life. ‘Nuff said. (image provided by:

Nothing was more petrifying as a child then to innocently swim to the bottom of Jolly Roger Bay looking for the Power Star. Only to find that as you encroach on the sunken pirate ship, a giant M***** F****** Eel has the thing hanging at the end of its tail. I literally couldnt finish this game because that damn thing scared me so much as a child.

I think that’s enough to give you all nightmares for a few days, until next time gamers.

Stay Calm and Don’t Look Behind You

WARNING! NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Speculation

Hello brawlers! Today is an awesome segment on one of the greatest fighting game franchises in fighting game history (totally opinionated obviously). That’s right! It’s time for some Super Smash Bros.! We are going to look at who has come back for the brawling, who got their invitation to the fight, and who we would like to see return and get an invitation! 

The Super Smash Bros. franchise has been around for about 14 years, being first released on the Nintendo 64. Having a large clash of Nintendo’s greatest characters! Mario, Samus, Link, Kirby, Pikachu and many more have joined the fight. The latest titles, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS are bringing all new graphics, characters, features and an all new platform to play in the 3DS. 

So lets take a look at some of the classic characters that we will be confirmed to see:

Confirmed Characters:

A new challenger approaches! Get ready for an all new Smash Bros. experience. (image provided by:

A new challenger approaches! Get ready for an all new Smash Bros. experience. (image provided by:

– Mario: Mario has been a Smash Bro. since the franchise began, being one of the characters to adorn the N64’s box for their first game. He is also one of Nintendo’s first ever characters, skyrocketing the company as a timeless favorite.

– Luigi: The tall, awkward brother to Mario, Luigi was first introduced to the Smash Bros. universe in the original Super Smash Bros. as an unlock-able character. 

– Link: The elf warrior of Hyrule, Link originated from The Legend of Zelda series. Link was another of the original Super Smash Bros. to dawn the cartridge package.

– Pikachu: The iconic pocket monster for the Pokemon Company, Pikachu is another veteran fighter in the smash bros. series. He holds the title of being a brawler on the original Smash Bros. box.

– Samas Aran: This feme-fatal is a bounty hunter in the Metroid series. Samus stands side by side with Mario and friends as a veteran from the first Smash Bros. game.

– Bowser: Making his first debut in the Nintendo Game Cube title Super Smash Bros. Melee, Bowser fights just like you think he would: heavy, hard and rather slow. Being one of the strongest characters in the game next to Ganondorf. Bowser after his arrival has stuck with the series strong.

– Fox McCloud: Another of the 8 original characters from the first Super Smash Bros. Fox is the star of the Star Fox series. His cohort Falco was introduced later in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

– Kirby: The little pink ball with a bottomless stomach joined the roster of fighters in the original Smash Bros. game. Kirby first came from a self titled series where he fought the evil King Dedede

– Donkey Kong (D.K.)- This stylish primate joined Mario at the beginnings of Nintendo, tossing barrels down pipelines as Mario ascended the constructs in hopes of rescuing the princes. A veteran fighter who joined the Smash Bros. from day 1, he was apart of the original 8 starting characters.

– Peach: Princess Toadstool as the Mushroom kingdom knows her as is the damsel in distress of the Mario universe. She joins the Smash Bros. in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

– Pit: The star of the Kid Icarus series for the original Nintendo system, Pit joined the Smash Bros. in the Wii title Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

– Olimar and Pikmin: This tiny space traveler and his odd companions flew in from the Pikmin series from the Nintendo Game Cube. They joined the brawl in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

– Toon Link: The windwaker himself, Toon Link joined the fight when Super Smash Bros Brawl came out for the Wii. He first made his video game debut in the Legend of Zelda series in the title Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

– Sonic: A sega classic, Sonic joined Nintendo when Sega bought the exclusive rights to his character. He took the stage with the other brawlers in the Wii title Super Smash Bros Brawl.


Thats right! Mega-Man joins the fight in the upcoming Wii U and 3DS title! Using the powers he has acquired from his fallen enemies, Mega-Man will bring a new intensity to the fields of battle.

An interesting addition to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. She uses the techniques she taught you to shed those pounds to smash the competition!

From the peaceful world of Animal Crossing, the Villager receives his invitation to the brawl! An almost creepy addition, he will catch you with his net, chop you down with his ax and bury you with his shovel of doom!

So now that we know who is confirmed to be in the newest installations roster, lets talk about who we would like to see return and who we would like to see make an appearance!

WrmH0l3’s Returners and New Comers list:

– Pokemon Trainer: I personally loved playing as the Pokemon Trainer! (If my obsession of Pokemon wasn’t an indication) You got to use his Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard to fight your opponent. Swapping between each at any time in the game. He would make a great returning character, maybe with a new line of Pokemon to fight with! 

– Meta Knight: An absolutely broken fighter from Super SMash Bros. Brawl. Meta Knight was a villian in the Kirby series. Being excessivly strong, fast and nimble he was the ultimate fighter! Why not bring him back on, am I right?!

– Mr. Game & Watch: A very obscure and interesting character. Mr. Game & Watch was a highly enjoyable character to fight as. I mean come on he threw greasy hot bacon at his opponents. 

– Majora: The final boss in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask would make an interesting character to fight as. Given he has these long weird tentacles and looks like he fell out of a scary Japanese manga, He could be a swift and ranged hitter compared to Ganondorf’s slow but heavy hitting battle tactics.

The Wrath of Majora is upon us! Who would love to see this guy as a character in Smash Bros.? (image provided by:

The Wrath of Majora is upon us! Who would love to see this guy as a character in Smash Bros.? (image provided by:

– Goku: An all time favorite character form the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT series’; albeit not a Nintendo character, but we are thinking outside of the box here for anyone that would be awesome to see. And lets face it, who wouldn’t want to kick Mario’s ass as a Super Saiyan. 

– Blade Master Alastor: The arch-rival to Viewtiful Joe, Blade Master would make for an intense fighter, along the leagues of Link and Meta Knight with swift attacks and serious combos. 

– Eddie Riggs: The old-fashioned metal head from the under-rated title Brütal Legend starred by Jack Black. This rocker would light the stages with kick-ass solos and mayhem. Playing killer riffs that do powerful ranged damage, his guitar and metal studs would slow him down a good deal however. 

– Spyro the Dragon/ Crash Bandicoot: These two sluggers were the biggest part of my early gaming career. They definitely deserve some time on the field. Crash with his crazy Wumpa Fruit Launcher and spinning attacks. Then the teenage dragon using his combat skills, fire and Sparks the Dragonfly to fight. 

– Amaterasu: The dog-god of japanese mythology and the main character in the Okami series, Amaterasu would certainly spice up the roster of Super Smash Bros. Using her godly brush to paint hazards for her opponents in the name of saving the innocent!

The mystical dog-god will save us all! What would her special abilities on the Smash Bros. battle fields be? (image provided by:

The mystical dog-god will save us all! What would her special abilities on the Smash Bros. battle fields be? (image provided by:

These are just a few of the characters I can name that would be awesome to have in such a popular fighting game such as Super Smash Bros. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more! Let me know what characters you would like to see in the comments or on Twitter @connorhead2. Until next time!

Stay Calm and Brawl!

Ryse! You are the Son of Rome

Hello gamers! Welcome back to WrmH0l3, it feels like it’s been a while since my last post, so lets jump back into it. Today we will be talking about one of the awesome titles that will be hitting Xbox One consoles, Ryse: Son of Rome.

Ryse: Son of Rome takes players back to the times of the mighty Roman Empire. A time where the once proud and glorious government fell to corruption and the barbaric tribes that intend to take over. You will take the role of Marius Titus, an up and coming general in the Roman Legions. Being led through his whole life, you will witness the festering of vengeance in his life. Eventually commanding your own armies to claim back what is Rome’s and exacting your vengeance.

The game during development has been hugely influenced by the combat and tactics from “… the innumerable Roman campaigns that lead to the [modern] concept of total war.”  It takes place in an alternate-history of the time period, as most history based games do, following the life of Marius Titus.

Marius is a simple soldier of the Empire, that is, until he witnesses a group of barbarian bandits murder his family. The lust for vengeance propels him through the ranks of the Roman military eventually putting him in a leadership position or “centurion” as it is called in the Roman ranking system.

The incredible design and complexity of the game is all thanks to the new generation hardware and Crytek’s new CryENGINE. This new and powerful development software is the latest in Crytek’s development series, having stunning capabilities that breath incredibly realistic features into games.

With the technology in CryENGINE, Crytek has been able to create an immersive, intense and brutal combat system for Ryse: Son of Rome

Unfortunately not much else is known about this glorious game. But I will keep you all up to date as information becomes available! Until next time!

Stay Calm and Ryse

A sorrowful goodbye to a great developer!

Hello everyone! It’s another great year in the gaming world, new games and consoles coming to the living rooms and such of families, developers exploring new ideas, etc. Unfortunately as new doors open, some must close. That is why I write to you all today, the developers behind God of War: Ascension at Santa Monica Studios are closing the curtains on their development for the multiplayer.

God of War: Ascension is the prequel title in the series that worked to capture Kratos’ humanity before his descent into insanity as he topples the foundations of Olympus. Along with being an origin story, the game was also the first title in the franchise to incorporate a multiplayer function.

Players from across the globe could pledge their allegiance to one of four gods: Zeus, Ares, Poseidon and Hades. Each having their own expertise on the battle field, you could destroy your opponents with the brute power of Ares, the magical might of Zeus, the stealthy assassinations of Hades or the bulky tanking of Poseidon.

Champions battling in the Desert of Lost Souls, hoping for the chance to slay the titanic Polyphemus! (image provided by:

Champions battling in the Desert of Lost Souls, hoping for the chance to slay the titanic Polyphemus! (image provided by:

The multiplayer was a huge success for the studio, giving them the room to create several DLC packages with new armor sets, weapons and maps. However, the studio is halting development on God of War DLC.

The development teams are transitioning to “new projects” according to the Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman in an interview with IGN. Kaufman did say that “this is not the end,” referring to support for the multiplayer. Balance updates are still expected for a while as the studio will still have a 24/7 monitor on game play to make sure no balance exploits go unattended.

The God of War title hits digital download via PSN this week and special pricing on current DLC is soon to come. Kaufman left IGN with a warm sympathy to them and the God of War community saying, “On behalf of the entire God of War development team: Thank you, Champions! Keep the Flames of Olympus burning on the Ascension Multiplayer battlefield.”

Although it is unclear what projects Sony Santa Monica is going to be working on, it is a relieving fact to hear that they are putting their talents to some use rather than taking a rest.

Until next time gamers!

Stay Calm and Bring Honor to Olympus!

WrmH0l3’s 10 Must Play Games

Hello readers! I’m kind of experimenting with how I bring you all stories, so here we are. WrmH0l3 has an agenda for what to play in the coming months and year, and I would like to share it with you all. Here are the top 10 “must-plays” on my list:

1. Pokemon X and Y

For obvious reasons this is at the top of my list. I’m a Pokemon Trainer aspiring to “catch ’em all.” what can I say.

2. Destiny

Bungie’s new game Destiny looks absolutely amazing. It is stunning, beautiful and mysterious all at once, must buy, must play.

3. Watch Dogs

Watch dogs is another stunning and very surprising game that has caught my eye. It is a game I must experience for myself

4. The Order: 1886

So this game is just an intense flashback to an alternate history where ancient beings and monsters threaten humanity. An absolute for any PS4 people!

5. Elder Scrolls: Online

As much as I dislike the subscription fee to play, I am still a fan of the Elder Scrolls and will play this game at some point.

6. Theif

This shadow crawler has caught me from the start, I fell in love with Dishonored and this game will bring so much more to the table and it will be amazing.

7. Beyond Two Souls

Lets just appreciate the fact that Ellen Page is the main character… that’s pretty freaking sweet in itself! Oh and its also got a super interesting plot and gameplay.

8. Killzone: Shadowfall

The Killzone series has always been great to play, and this installment looks no less amazing than its predecessors

9. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Another incredible series where I just need to keep playing it.

10. Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman is just a crazy awesome character in himself, and the Arkham series did not disappoint. It’s time we took a look at where Batman began.

So this is what I will be doing all next year, holed up in a cocoon of blankets with a 16 pack of red bull and several bags of Doritos by my side. Until next time gamers!

Stay Calm and Play ’em All

Whatchu Know ‘Bout WrmH0l3?

Hello readers! Today is a special post about some frequently asked questions I get. I wanted to take some time and answer your questions and clarify some things you all may be curious about.

How do you select content to write about?

Hmm… well really I write about what I find interesting. Stuff like my inFamous vs. Prototype article and my Pokemon article were written because they are games that I found highly enjoyable and worth writing about. I hope I will be able to bring my readers news and reviews on next-gen consoles soon. 

How can we rely that what you are writing about is actually true?

I would like to get out of the way that everything I write about, I make sure to educate myself on it fairly well before I write. It would make no sense to make things up and send it out for readers. Then  come launch day nothing I told them was true, I lose readers and you guys get disappointed. It’s a lose lose situation, plus I don’t want to exert the energy to make up a ton of information of games hahaha.

What if there is a specific thing I want to see on the blog?

Simply get in touch with me would be the best way to have that happen! I would love to write about stuff you guys want to read. You can reach me at my personal email:, my facebook which is just Connor Head or my twitter account: @connorhead2!

What else besides game reviews will we see from you?

It’s my hope that as I grow as a writer and the blog grows that I will be able to provide more to you such as convention coverages like PAX and Gamescon. Though these are longer term goals I hope to bring those to you all eventually!

Why gaming? 

Because I love it that’s why! I have been playing games since Pokemon Red and Blue on my Gameboy Color at age 8. They are a guilty pleasure of mine that I never intend to give up. I also know I’m not the only person who enjoys them so I want to be the person who brings information about them to people. Nothing feels better than being able to have a conversation with someone about your favorite game. 

I hope this helps you guys to get a better idea about me, what I do and why I do it! 

Stay Calm and Play a Game!