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Hello readers! Today isn’t so much a news post but more a friendly promotion to my fellow gaming bloggers out there! We are all just trying to get noticed and read on this big bad internet so it doesn’t hurt to extend a friendly hand to other bloggers. So here are five blogs that you guys should check out and subscribe too that are much like my own:

Game Set Watch:

So Game Set Watch is a sister website to, who dedicates their time to finding the oddities of “offbeat  and oft-ignored games from consoles old and new.” This blog is great for readers who like finding those dusty old files and hidden secrets to games of all eras!

Here is a link so you guys can check them out:

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog:

These two brother gamers are an interesting pair who dive into the world of modern gaming. Particularly into RPGs, MMORPG and such. They do live streaming and give to their readers creative input and opinions on what they play!

Wolf’s Gaming Blog:

This is a blog for the gamers by a gamer (not unlike myself). Baden Ronie is the writer for Wolf’s and has a fire for giving readers honest reviews and opinions on what he plays. Some news may come up but he has to find the news truly interesting to post on.

Check Wolf’s Gaming Blog out here!:

Rampaged Death’s video gaming blog:

So the writer doesn’t have a filled in About Page, but regardless he is a gamer and is blogging about said gaming! From what I have seen he writes about current topics in gaming, his favorite games and the like.

Games and Geekery

A blogger with a title after my own heart! Games and geekery is written by Victor Barreiro Jr. He writes about games that have swoon the masses and captured his own passions as well. Once a wordpress writer he has evolved into writing on bigger and better sites (like his own URL)

These are all pretty awesome blogs and I hope my readers check them out ASAP! Until next time!

Stay Calm and Read a Blog


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