Entering WrmH0l3…

Alright readers! Let’s talk about what this blog is about. Games, plain and simple. I am going to keep you up on everything I can find about the latest in consoles (and computers if your a PC gamer), any new coming and indie titles, the latest DLC for your favorite games and more. Your probably thinking to yourself “what am I going to expect from this? I know its games and all but what about them?” I will cover anything from the battle of the consoles and who is superior; reviews, suggestions and criticisms on the latest games and their DLC; highlighting developers and all of the incredible work their teams are doing to bring us this glorious entertainment; the external equipment your actually using to enhance your gaming experience and more. I wouldn’t want to subject you all to simply things I am interested in however, if you have any suggestions or comments on pieces for me to cover or you’d like to read and know more about just let me know! I’m on twitter: @connorhead2 and on facebook: connor head. Or you can message me on my personal email: connor_head@yahoo.com

Here is some stuff that you may see here at WrmH0l3:

– Console Wars: One shall stand, the rest shall fall! (speculations, reviews and comparisons of the new and coming consoles by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo)

– 5 Great Indie Titles of the Week (a quick glance at under spoken Indie developed titles that are worth your priceless playing time)

– What Are They Plotting (a look into what developers are showing their fans about projects they are working on)

I hope to see many readers in the weeks to come! Until next time

Keep Calm and Save the Princess

4 responses to “Entering WrmH0l3…”

  1. Best friend says :


  2. Carlos the last Airbender says :

    I want a section dedicated strictly to how fantastic the Dead Space franchise is

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