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Exploring Tamriel: Looking at what the Elder Scrolls Online will offer fans of the series

Hello and welcome back to WrmH0l3! Today we will be taking a look at Bethesda Studio’s latest installment in the Elder Scrolls series: The Elder Scrolls Online. A game-changing installment that creates a massive online multiplayer environment. This game has created some controversy in the gaming community as of late, so lets take a look shall we?

Since the franchises release with Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994, it has thrived as a fan favorite for over 19 years. The games have always been single player, free roam sandbox RPG games where you created a character from the selection of races, gender and appearances. You could then fall into a faction of what kind of character you wanted to be: warrior, wizard, theif, assassin ect.

Bethesda has rolled out several expansive and exciting titles in the Elder Scrolls series: Arena, Dagerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Captivating adventures through Tamriel have kept me playing for ridiculous amounts of time as I saved the continent from imminent destruction time and time again.  However, the latest game, The Elder Scrolls Online, has brought a few new cards to the table.

The first and probably the most uproar inducing introduction is the new MMO will have a subscription fee of $14.99. With a monthly fee, the creators at Bethesda hope to provide the game that they set out to make. In an interview with Kevin Parrish at Gamestar, Mat Firor stated “The Elder Scrolls games are all about allowing the player to go where they want, be who they want, and do what they want. We feel that putting pay gates between the player and content at any point in game ruins that feeling of freedom, and just having one small monthly fee for 100% access to the game fits the IP and the game much better than a system where you have to pay for features and access as you play.”

Concepts for heavy armor in the Elder Scrolls Online (image provided by:

Concepts for heavy armor in the Elder Scrolls Online (image provided by:

The online setting for an Elder Scrolls game is certainly interesting, it has raised several questions and had many different responses across the Web. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of the Elder Scrolls going online:


– The developers will be able to create the game they want to provide their fans, not some trimmed and doctored shadow of their original visions.

– The online will bring the players together for the first time ever in the realm of Tamriel. A wish and dream of many to travel and slay creatures from the plains of Oblivion with their friends is now a reality!

– A “Mega-Server” is being used so that all players can participate in one location rather than scattered across several different servers.

– A exploration reward system is being implemented. When you discover things you will gain experience and possibly new powers for your character!


– There is a $14.99 subscription fee to play this game. The company gives each player a 30 day free trial to try and captivate them to play. But the subscription is a huge turn off to players (including myself) for many reasons. Some being lack of time available to play to make $15 a month seem worth it

– The simple fact of it being an MMO can be a negative to players. The series has been recognized as a single-player experience and some prefer it that way.

– The combat system is a worry for some due to the Pre-Oblivion stat based combat where minus the physical display of hitting occurs, there is no real damage done unless your stats are superior. The uncertainty of how combat plays out is causing worry among fans.

So there is all that is known about the game on the table as far as what it is bringing to the players. A rich and tantalizing story line is obviously going to join the slew of new content. But, only time will tell what the fans truely make of the game (I may break down and get it, hoping it will eventually hit a F2P style!) So here is more on the game itself:

The Daedric Prince Molag-Bal is trying to anchor the plains of Oblivion to Tamriel and fuse the worlds together. It is up to you and your companions to stop him! (miage provided by:

The Daedric Prince Molag-Bal is trying to anchor the plains of Oblivion to Nirn and fuse the worlds together. It is up to you and your companions to stop him! (miage provided by:

The malevolent Daedra Malog-Bal is rising, summoning hellish anchors to the lands of Nirn in an attempt to merge Oblivion with the lands. Creatures of nightmares and other evil forces are spawning across the lands in large numbers. All the while the people of Nirn are fighting each other for control of the Imperial City and the Gold-White Tower! The Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion and the Dagerfall Covenant have been formed, each with their own intent to claim the throne and halt the dastardly plots of the Daedra. Who will you align yourself with?

The Ebonheart Pact:

An alliance forged of uneasy trusts but one common goal of the Nords, Dark Elves and Argonians. The Ebonheart Pact was solidified after the Akaviri invasion, determining the three races to take the reigns of their destinies by overthrowing the Empire and preserving their homelands.

– Nords: Brash and skilled warriors, the Nords had nearly conquered all of Tamriel. Therefore feeling a sense of entitlement to the throne. Highly skilled with arms and physical combat, take back the throne for the Fatherland with the North’s frozen fury!

– Dark Elves: The Dunmer, or Dark Elves, have a natural knowledge and connection to magic. Being powerful and skilled sorcerers they have grown strong from ages of being invaded by the Akaviri and the Nords. Manipulate and turn the tides of battle with these fierce magic users.

– Argonians: Being expert Guerilla warriors, the Argonians carry themselves with a stern intellect and skills in sneaking and blade use. Serving as scouts to the Pact, sideswipe your foes and win the war for the Ebonheart Pact!

The Aldmeri Dominion:

The news of Molag-Bal’s forces taking over the Imperial City created the Aldmeri Dominion. The alliance is held by the High Elves, Wood Elves and Khajit. Their combined forces might be what it takes to drive off the forces of Oblivion and return order to the lands of Nirn.

– High Elves: The original founders  of Tamriel, who created the common tongue of the region view themselves as the true rulers of the Empire, perhaps with just cause. Being naturally proficient with magic they make masterful Sorcerers, and their expertise in physical combat makes them dangerous warriors as well.

– Wood Elves: Beings of nature, the Bosmer have great connection with the wilds of Tamriel and Nirn. They are nimble and sneaky, making them excellent archers and thieves. History also records their susceptibility to attack, making them masters of defense. Use these skills to hold your position and strike on your foes.

– Khajit: The mysterious feline race of Elsweyr is a powerful asset to the Aldmeri Dominon. Having a huge debt to the High Elf Queen for their assistance with the plague that struck Elsweyr, the Khajit fight ruthlessly to redeem themselves. Being highly skilled with blades are the forerunners of the Aldmeri forces.

The Daggerfall Covenant:

This alliance was formed under the common goal of taking back the Throne of the Empire. The combined forces of the Orcs, Redguard and Bretons is a stern force to be reckoned  with.

– Orcs: The greatest smiths in Tamriel, being noble and fierce warriors are the muscle behind the Daggerfall Covenant. They are hardened warriors, shaped by endless warefare who live by the simple rule that the strong survive and the strongest rule.

– Bretons: Highly intelligent and athletic, the Bretons are a skilled people who are trained to be warriors from a young age. They can make strategic warrors, creative wizards and crafty merchants.

– Redguards: The people of the Alik r’ Desert, Redguards are a noble and proud people. Being one of the few human races that live in Nirn, they are expert survivalists. They hold their traditions close to heart and fight to maintain them.

Here is some gameplay coverage done by the developers to showcase the new and exciting features of the game!

As exciting as the Elder Scrolls Online looks, I am still wary to get it. But, time will tell as fans get and play the game. Will you join the ranks of the Aldmeri Dominon, the forces of the Ebonheart Pact, or the clans of the Daggerfall Covenant?

Remember gamers… Stay Calm and Join the Ebonheart Pact!


From One Gamer To Another

Hello readers! Today isn’t so much a news post but more a friendly promotion to my fellow gaming bloggers out there! We are all just trying to get noticed and read on this big bad internet so it doesn’t hurt to extend a friendly hand to other bloggers. So here are five blogs that you guys should check out and subscribe too that are much like my own:

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Here is a link so you guys can check them out:

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These two brother gamers are an interesting pair who dive into the world of modern gaming. Particularly into RPGs, MMORPG and such. They do live streaming and give to their readers creative input and opinions on what they play!

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This is a blog for the gamers by a gamer (not unlike myself). Baden Ronie is the writer for Wolf’s and has a fire for giving readers honest reviews and opinions on what he plays. Some news may come up but he has to find the news truly interesting to post on.

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So the writer doesn’t have a filled in About Page, but regardless he is a gamer and is blogging about said gaming! From what I have seen he writes about current topics in gaming, his favorite games and the like.

Games and Geekery

A blogger with a title after my own heart! Games and geekery is written by Victor Barreiro Jr. He writes about games that have swoon the masses and captured his own passions as well. Once a wordpress writer he has evolved into writing on bigger and better sites (like his own URL)

These are all pretty awesome blogs and I hope my readers check them out ASAP! Until next time!

Stay Calm and Read a Blog


Let’s Catch ’em All! Looking at GameFreak’s revealed information on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Hello gamers! In this article we are going to be hitting more into the news of gaming, looking at an upcoming game and what has been given to fans before its launch. Where better a place to start these articles than with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!

Pokemon has been around for almost 20 years! Coming to fans first on the Gameboy with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue; this franchise has evolved with Nintendo being their second-most profitable title next to the Mario franchise. On October 12, for the first time, Pokemon will be coming to the world simultaneously in an all new 3-D rendering on the Nintendo 3DS!

Lets kick off this article with what seasoned trainers look forward to the most, the new Pokemon of this generation:


As fans have grown with the franchise, they have come to expect slow but sure reveals of what Pokemon to expect from their new adventure. And the Kalos region is the perfect place to meet some new Pokemon! Lets dive in:

– Fennekin: The new Fire type starter of Pokemon X and Y, this fox has intense heat that blows out of its ears and loves to snack on twigs!

– Braixen: Being the evolved form of Fennekin, it has become bipedal and lost its apatite for twigs. However, it does carry one around which seems to calm it.

-Chespin: The new Grass type starter of Pokemon X and Y, Chespin has a hard shell that adorns its head and back. It is very curious and gets itself in trouble and is highly optimistic!

– Quilladin: The evolved form of Chespin; Quilladin’s shell has become bigger and even harder. Despite its sharp and prickly appearance it is said it is a very gentle and passive Pokemon.

-Froakie: The Water type starter of Pokemon X and Y, Froakie is a rather light but strong pokemon and the bubbles on its body protect it from attacks!

– Frogadier: The evolved form of Froakie becomes even more adept at jumping around once it evolves. It even takes its skill and confused opponents by jumping onto ceilings or into trees during battle.

– Tyrunt: Unearthed from the Jaw Fossil and brought back to life, this dinosaur sports the unique dual type of Rock and Dragon! Tyrunt also has the new ability Strong Jaws, which boosts the power of biting attacks.

-Tyrantrum: The kingly Tyrantrum dominated its foes over 100 million years ago, will you revive the jaw fossil and raise your Tyrunt into the king of Pokemon to keep his reputation in tact?

An awesome fan art dedication to Tyrantrum, Pokemon X and Y's new fossil Pokemon! Creatively done in a Jurrasic Park theme! (image provided by:

An awesome fan art dedication to Tyrantrum, Pokemon X and Y’s new fossil Pokemon! Creatively done in a Jurrasic Park theme! (image provided by:

– Amaura: This adorable Rock/Ice type Pokemon can be revived from the sail fossil. Amaura has the new ability Refrigerate, which turns all Normal type attacks into Ice type attacks!

-Aurorus: The evolved form of Amaura, Aurorus blasts freezing air at its opponents to inflict damage. It has the new attack Freeze Dry which has been revealed to be super effective against Water types!

– Furfrou: These poodle-like Pokemon have the ability of having their appearance changed by grooming them! If you don’t keep up with grooming it though it will revert to its shaggy original form.

– Meowstic: The new cat Pokemon of X and Y is a Psychic type that has a uniqueness to it. First it has two alternate forms based on its gender, but these forms also differ by how they play in battle. Female Meowstic are more offensive while male Meowstic are more supportive in battle.

– Litleo: The new Normal/Fire type Pokemon has a fiery heart in battle, its mane blazing bright when its excited. It can use the new move Noble Roar, an attack that lowers the opponents Attack and Special Attack stat.

– Pyroar: The pride leader and evolved form of Litleo, Pyroar has two alternate forms based on gender. Male Pyroar are leaders of their prides, the females defend the groups young.

The gender difference in Pyroar is with it's gender. Male Pyroar have a burning mane and are leaders of their pride. Female Pyroar have a longer flowing mane and defend the young of the group. (image provided by:

The gender difference in Pyroar is with it’s gender. Male Pyroar have a burning mane and are leaders of their pride. Female Pyroar have a longer flowing mane and defend the young of the group. (image provided by:

– Flabébé: An all new Fairy type Pokemon. Flabébé will claim a flower at an early age and carry it through its whole life. This means that each Flabébé you encounter will look different!

– Dedenne: The adorable Pikachu-Esq Pokemon has a dual type of Electric and the new Fairy type! It uses a new attack called nuzzle, which ahs a chance of paralyzing its opponent.

– Bunnelby: These rabbit like Pokemon are known for their digging skills, they like to make their nests underground and use their shovel-like ears to dig them out.

– Skiddo: This new Grass type Pokemon is said to be the first Pokemon to live alongside humans. And in doing so for so long it doesn’t mind carrying people or loads on its back!

-Gogoat: The evolved form of Skiddo, Gogoat can be mounted by its trainer and ridden around the landscapes of the Kalos region!

– Pancham: The cute panda Pokemon attempts to be intimidating by glaring at its opponent but is unsuccessful due to its adorable appearance. It has a trademark leaf it carries around and can use the new fighting move Parting Shot!

– Pangoro: Pangoro are a justified and cantankerous Pokemon. They evolve from Pancham through a new method of evolution. They dislike those who pick on the weak.

– Inkay: Having a unique dual type of Psychic and Dark these cute little squid Pokemon use the transmitters above their eyes to drain the will to fight from their opponents.

– Malamar: Malamar have one of the strongest hypnotic capabilities of any Pokemon and are the evolved version of Inkay. They can use the new move Topsy-Turvey, which inverts all stat changes on the opponent!

Inkay and Malamar are known for their hypnotic abilities, they use them to manipulate their opponents! (image provided by:

Inkay and Malamar are known for their hypnotic abilities, they use them to manipulate their opponents! (image provided by:

– Swirlix: Another new Fairy type Pokemon that is exclusive to Pokemon X. Swirlix eat nothing but sweets and as a result have a body that is as sweet and sticky as cotton candy.

– Slurpuff: The newly revealed evolution of Swirlix, Slurpuff is another pure Fairy type Pokemon. It has become a useful assistant to chefs with its intense sense of smell!

-Spritzee: A pure Fairy type pokemon, Spritzee is the perfume Pokemon. Having the ability Healer, when it is switched out of battle it will regain a third of its health!

-Aromatisse: The evolved form of Spritzee, Aromatisse can give off many different scents. Some are enjoyable but others can be so repugnant that it can swing the tides of battle to its favor!

– Oorotto: Not much is known about this mysterious tree like Pokemon. It is speculated to be a Ghost/Grass dual type, a unique combo of types never before seen aside from Rotom, the plasma Pokemon that possesses technology.

– Honedge: Having another unique dual typing of Steel and Ghost, Honedge are a sword that became possessed! The cloth on the hilt unsheathes the Pokemon’s blade-body, unwary people wield Honedge on accident and can have the energy sucked out of them!

– Doublade: The newly revealed evolution of Honedge. Doublade uses telepathy to perform intricate attacks!

– Noivern: The Kalos regions new Dragon Pokemon is aggressive to those that get too close to it. It travels the night skies using ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears to navigate. Noivern learn a new move called Boom Burst that causes an explosion that hurts all Pokemon on the field.

– Fletchling: The adorable Flying type Fletchling is a popular choice among trainers, it is also ferocious in battle unleashing onslaughts of attacks.

– Talonflame: Having a dual type of Fire/Flying that is usually unique to legnedary Pokemon and the starter Pokemon Charizard, Talonflame is a fierce fighter using powerful kicks to attack!

– Clauncher: This new Water type Pokemon is recognized for its massive claw that it uses to shoot water at its opponents

-Skrelp: The psudo-seaweed Pokemon is good at disguising itself in the wild. It will soak its opponent in poison to keep them from struggling and carries a Water/Poison dual type.

– Helioptile: Another unique type combination of Normal/Electric, Helioptile can use the new attack Parabolic Charge which heals the user with half of the damage it deals to its opponent.

– Sylveon: What all Pokemon fans have been waiting for, a new Eevee-lution, Sylveon sports the shiney new Fairy typing! Sylveon can learn the Fairy type attack Moon Blast which deals damage and can lower the opponents special attack.

The newest Eevee-lution, Sylveon was the first Pokemon to ever be revealed as a Fairy type! (image provided by:

The newest Eevee-lution, Sylveon was the first Pokemon to ever be revealed as a Fairy type! (image provided by:

– Xerneas: The new legendary Pokemon sponsoring Pokemon X is apart of the new Fairy Type! It has the ability Fairy Aura which boosts the power of Fairy type moves and has the attack Geomancy!

– Yveltal: The massive legendary Pokemon that sponsors Pokemon Y is a Dark/flying dual type. It is given the ability Dark Aura which boosts the power of Dark moves and uses the attack Oblivion Wing!

New Mechanics:

The new Pokemon games have come packed with more than a new set of critters to rally up, new features have been added to the game as well:

– Mega Evolution: A brand new method of evolution that lasts the duration of a battle, Mega Evolving is induced when the Pokemon is holding their species specific Mega Stone. Once activated the Pokemon changes form and has a large increase in power! Here is a list of known Pokemon to Mega Evolve:

The Kanto starters are back! Bigger and better than ever with their new Mega-Evolved forms. (image provided by:

The Kanto starters are back! Bigger and better than ever with their new Mega-Evolved forms. (image provided by:

– Venusar

– Charizard

– Blastoise

– Mewtwo: (either into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y)

– Kanghaskan

– Ampharos

– Absol

– Blaziken

– Mawile

– Lucario

– Garchomp

– Fairy Type: An all new type has been discovered! The mysterious Fairy type has been found to be strong against Dragon, Fighting and Dark types. But is weak to Steel and Poison type Pokemon. It is however totally immune to Dragon type attacks.

– Type Changes: Steel types are no longer immune to Ghost or Dark type attacks! GameFreak is changing the playing field for competitive battlers with this change. We shall see how it ends up!

– Sky Battles: No longer are your battles limited to the ground or on the water! Take your flying, winged, ghost type or Pokemon with the ability Levitate into the skies and battle it out among the clouds!

– Horde Encounters: Horde encounters are a new method of battles that can occur in the wild. Up to five wild Pokemon can be encountered simultaneously. Be wary though, you can attack for how many Pokemon are on the field, but they can attack you just as many times.

– Capture Experience: Battling trainers and wild Pokemon is no longer the only way to gain experience! When you capture a Pokemon you gain experience as well, it is unclear however whether you gain more experience from captures or defeating the opponent.

– Mounts: Hardcore fans will be more than happy to hear that you can now ride specific Pokemon in the overworld! Skiddo and Gogoat are some of the first you encounter with this capability.

– Rollerblades: In every generation of Pokemon, the protagonist has been given a bike to speedily get from point A to point B. Now the player is given Rollerblades to glide across the roads of Kalos!

– Wild Pokemon Encounters: It has also been revealed that the Pokemon you encounter are determined by the kinds of flowers that adorn the grass. So you may encounter different Pokemon in grasses that have yellow flowers versus grasses with red flowers!

– Trainer Customization: For the first time ever, you can customize your trainers appearance! New outfits, skin colors and hairstyles are available to play around with.

– Player Search System: A new feature to X and Y, the Player Search System uses the 3DS system as a radar for other people playing Pokemon X or Y near you! Allowing easier access to battling, trading and talking to real trainers.

– Photo Spots: All around Kalos are monuments, statues or ideal places for photos. You can fiddle with the picture in many ways and then upload it to the Pokemon Global Link to share with your friends!

– Pokemon Amie: this is a neat feature that was thrown into the game to allow for one-on-one interaction with your Pokemon. It is Nintendog-style gameplay as you can feed and play with the Pokemon.

-Super Training: For the more seasoned trainers who get into Pokemon breeding and know how effort values work. There is a new feature called Super Training that allows you to raise the stats of your Pokemon through mini-games and “core training sessions.”

– Characters:

Following suit with every other Pokemon game, a new villainous organization, professor, and supportive characters have been introduced. There have been some surprises revealed with these characters however:

– Supporting Characters:

– Calem & Serena: These are the opposite gender character of yours, they will be your rival throughout the game

– Shauna: One of the people that live close to you in your home town, she is excited to join you and discover everything Kalos has to offer!

– Tierno: Striving to compose the best Pokemon Dance team ever, Tierno is a caring guy with a strong love for Pokemon. He gets distracted during battles trying to incorporate Pokemon moves into his dances.

– Trevor: Having a large curiosity and being a star student, Trevor gives you your Pokedex at the beginning of your journey.

These will be your new friends along your journey to become a Pokemon trainer! (image provided by:

These will be your new friends along your journey to become a Pokemon trainer! (image provided by:

– Professor Sycamore: The Pokemon expert of the Kalos region who is studying evolution of Pokemon, in particular Mega Evolution. He is the one to send you on your journey. Unlike in previous games however, Sycamore will give you one of three of the starters from Pokemon Red and Blue: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. One of your friends that you meet at the beginning of the game will give you your Kalos starter: Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie. He will also offer to battle you which is a new feature of a Pokemon Professor.

– Alexa: The elder sister of one of Kalos’s Gym Leaders, she is an aspiring journalist who works at a publishing house in Lumiose City.

– Diantha: A popular star in the Kalos region, she is also a trainer and will offer to battle and trade with you on your journey.

– Team Flare: The new bad bunch of X and Y has a specialization with Fire type Pokemon such as Houndour. Not much is really known about them other than a goal of making money by selling Pokemon and fossils. They have five admins in their group: the purple-haired Celosia; the orange-haired Aliana; the green-haired Bryony; and the blue-haired Mable. There is a stand alone scientist of the bunch named Xerosic, who is identified by his signature flame-style haircut.

The Pokemon Company has kept fans chomping at the bit for more news every step of the way since Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were announced. The games will be released October 12th, so stay tuned to this post for more information as it is revealed!

Remember trainers… Stay Calm and Save the Master Ball!

The Perfect Match: A guide to finding the right games for you

Hello gamers, today WrmH0l3 is going to play Match Maker! This is going to be a look into what types of games exist and what ones are a fit for you.

Video Games have evolved drastically over the years. Looking at aspects such as visual design and game-play, the graphics we see in Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo as an 8-bit character running across a 2-D platform has grown to a crisp 3-D model of a whole world in the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario races to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser in Super Mario 64 DS. This is only some of what Nintendo has done over the years, they have advanced even further than just this.

Mario has fleshed out over the years, being one of many idols of the Nintendo World. (Image provided by:

Mario has fleshed out over the years, being one of many idols of the Nintendo World. (Image provided by:

Games themselves aren’t the only thing that are changing, how we interact and experience games has greatly changed. No longer are we limited to a stationary position on our couches in front of a bright T.V. screen in the dark on a Saturday night. Mobile devices, tablets, motion controlled, 3-D and voice activated games and gaming experiences are just the beginning of what games are capable of.

Now, newer gamers are probably sitting around thinking “Well where do I begin? There is so much out there!” This is true, there is a large abundance of games and ways to experience them and it can get overwhelming (myself suffering from this very affliction.) This doesn’t mean it isn’t impossible to find what fits for you, and that is what WrmH0l3 intends to do.

Lets take a look at what genres of gaming there are for players:

Action Games: These games test a players precision, reflexes and quick thinking to overcome obstacles. They usually entail of intense combat, feats of honed skill and high thrills. They can be broken down even further into the sub-genres: Beat ’em Up and Hack and Slash, Fighting, Maze and Platform.

Liu Kang defeating an opponent in the ring after a long and intense fight. (image provided by:

Liu Kang defeating an opponent in the ring after a long and intense fight. (image provided by:

Sonic traverses his environment on the hunt for Dr. Robotnic and Dr. Eggman! (image provided by:

Sonic traverses his environment on the hunt for Dr. Robotnic and Dr. Eggman! (image provided by:

Shooter: Shooter games are a division of action games that involve a lot of combat that uses projectile weapons such as guns. A pretty straight forward genre, however has some deeper layers: FPS, MMOFPS, Shoot ’em Up, Tactical and Third-Person.

Being thrown into the intense blight of war. Call of Duty is a very popular FPS (image provided by:

Being thrown into the intense blight of war. Call of Duty is a very popular FPS (image provided by:

Action Adventure: Relating closely to action games, action adventure is given a much larger array of things to do, such as exploring, survival and sneaking. They have a few labeled sub-genres: Stealth and Survival Horror.

Dead Space is a survival horror game set on the remains of what appears to be an abandoned space ship... or is it? (Image provided by:

Dead Space is a survival horror game set on the remains of what appears to be an abandoned space ship… or is it? (Image provided by:

– Adventure: More puzzle-solving and interacting oriented games, adventure games test the players problem solving skills and ability to adapt. Questing is a typical action in adventure games where the player is sent to find an object or interact with someone to have something completed. This genre can be broken down further into these categories: Real Time 3-D, Text Adventures and Visual Novel.

Role-Playing: RPG’s are a genre of game that allow the player to dive into a specific role or specialty (such as being a melee intensive character or one that is good with ranged or magic abilities) that follows a predetermined storyline. This genre boils down into these sub-genres: Western/ Japanese RPG, Sandbox, Action and MMORPG.

The mighty warrior sets out into the wilderness seeking adventure in the Elder Scrolls Series (image provided by:

The mighty warrior sets out into the wilderness seeking adventure in the Elder Scrolls Series (image provided by:

Simulation: Sim games are a reflection of reality that you can craft in your own image. Taking hold of the reigns of creating, building or even living a new life. Some sub-genres of Sim games are: Creation & Management; Life and Vehicle

Mojang's hit building sim game Mincraft is tons of fun. Take the reigns as Steve as he explores the vast, almost endless world of Minecraft. Building and destroying as he tries to survive in the wilderness. (Image provided by:

Mojang’s hit building sim game Mincraft is tons of fun. Take the reigns as Steve as he explores the vast, almost endless world of Minecraft. Building and destroying as he tries to survive in the wilderness. (Image provided by:

– Strategy: Taking the time to plot out your moves and reading inot your opponent so you can find the upper-hand and win the match, that is what strategy games are all about. There are several types of strategy games: 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate), Real-Time Strategy, Real-Time Tactics, Tower Defense, Turn-Based Strategy, Turn-Based Tactics and Wartime

– Family: This is more of a Genre header that I made to sum up the dancing, trivia and other group fun games that you typically wouldn’t play without a group of people. These include: Casual, Music, Programming, Puzzle, Sports, Trivia, Board Game and Card Games.

I know what your thinking, yes this is a lot to take in. However, the next step is looking at you as an individual. What things interest you outside of games? Are you adventurous? Inquisitive? Do you plan your events to the tee, or just see what happens and take it as it comes? These finer details about yourself can reveal a lot about what games you would enjoy playing.

Here is a list of some basic questions to ask yourself, depending on the answers you have you will be able to find what types of games suit you best:

1) Do you enjoy competition?

2) Do you enjoy gory or violent films?

3) Do you work better alone or in a group?

4) Are you the person that thinks “beat them now and ask questions later” or the one that thinks “strategy and timing are key to success”?

5) Do you enjoy thrill rides?

6) Would you rather go hiking, rock climbing and hunting or sit at home and enjoy a movie with friends?

7) Are you quick to react to a situation or do you need to evaluate a situation and consider your possibilities?

8) Do  you enjoy activities with others? If so just for fun or for competitive purposes?

9) Do you like to build things?

10) If you were put into a violent situation, would you prefer to take the opponent head on or from a distance?

11) Do you enjoy traveling?

12) Do you prefer to roam around free to do your own thing or follow a path with an intended purpose?

13) Do you enjoy interaction with others or like to stay to yourself?

14) Do you enjoy operating vehicles?

15) If you are a strategic person, would you rather wait for your opponent to make a move and then strike? Or Act first and respond as you go along?

16) Do you prefer fantasy or reality?

17) Do you find war and weaponry interesting?

18) Do music and dancing interest you?

19) Are sports something that interests you?

20) Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse?

I want to make it clear that very few games are created to fit in one genre, almost all of them can fit into at least two if not more. So enjoy readers! Find those games suit you and play on!

Always remember… Stay Calm and Just Play a Game

Becoming a God: Taking a look at From Dust

Hello and welcome back to WrmH0l3! Today we will be taking a look at Ubisoft’s From Dust, a video game concepted by Eric Chahi, the creator of Another World. SPOILER ALERT: Some game play and story concepts will be revealed

From Dust is a God style game, simply meaning you control all events and outcomes of the game as if you were a god yourself. However, in this game it isn’t a select deity or person controlling things, nature takes the helm in this game.

The ancient tribes of humanity for generations have had a oneness with nature, being able to traverse its harshest environments and growing with it over the ages. As time progresses, Nature tries to take back what is hers and snuff out the lingering flames of humanity. You must guide your people as The Breath through these dark times and into the light of survival.

The natives ceremony to revive the Breath. The guiding force that will lead them away from extinction. (image provided by:

The natives ceremony to revive the Breath. The guiding force that will lead them away from extinction. (image provided by:

The Breath is these tribes last hope in uncovering their past and learning to once again handle and live as one with nature in their adventure to survive. The player takes up the role as The Breath, leading your people across the treacherous seas, protecting their villages from raging volcanoes and traversing Nature’s attempts to take back what is hers.

The Breath manipulates nature in any way it can to help it's people survive. Moving large spheres of soil to make a bridge for the villagers is one such task. (image provided by:

The Breath manipulates nature in any way it can to help it’s people survive. Moving large spheres of soil to make a bridge for the villagers is one such task. (image provided by:

Being the omnipotent God of the tribe, you are gifted with the abilities of altering the environment to help your people flourish. The Breath can gather several materials such as water and soil to create a livable area for the tribe to populate. Minecraft players should enjoy the familiar sense of manipulating their environment to further development. However, a tribe can only begin populating by praying to one of the Ancient’s totems.

The Ancients watched as Man fell over the ages, and with them their knowledge of nature and how to live with it. To preserve their teachings, they left behind totems and knowledge for the men of new generations to use and learn from. These are what The Breath must guide it’s people to throughout the environments you traverse.

Totems are used as a ritualistic ground to revive the vegetation that once grew across the land and to found villages. The estranged tribesmen gather in groups around each totem and pray to The Ancients for their blessings to bring back the vegetation.

Amid the desolate terrain lay these mysterious totems. Left behind by the Ancients to preserve their knowledge that was given to the tribes ancestors. (Image provided by:

Amid the desolate terrain lay these mysterious totems. Left behind by the Ancients to preserve their knowledge that was given to the tribes ancestors. (Image provided by:

Vegetation plays a huge role in From Dust, it ensures that the tribes can found their villages and survive on their own at times. It also attracts the first animals to settle and live aside man. The first animals came to be in lands where they could not survive and therefore perished. The Breath works to spread the palms and vegetation that grow from villages to bring the animals back for mankind.

While you are busy helping your people, Nature is raring to strike back and claim her land once again. She sends vicious tsunamis, raising volcanoes, dropping torrential downpours and much more to wipe out your tribes.  You must guide your people to knowledge stones, mysterious artifacts left behind by the ancients, in order for them to learn the abilities of taming the elements. This knowledge is transcribed on a kite for the tribe to use to defend their village.

Nature proves to be a worth foe as floods constantly break down bridges you create and wash away your villagers. Although frustrating, like having a sandcastle you built kicked over, makes for high energy game play especially when your put against the clock watching a volcano erupt off the coast.

Along side helping tribes thrive in the unforgiving nature, From Dust also has challenges throughout the game to complete that reveal more of the tribes past and history. These challenges are a race against the clock through several environments to test your skills as a god. The game also has online leader boards for these challenges so you can compete with friends and others around the world.

This game is truly a unique experience that I would recommend anyone picking up and playing. It has real time elements that make each play a different experience. Having some similarities with Age of Empires in the building and defending of your people and with Minecraft in the manipulation of your environment to get ahead made this game all the more fun! From Dust is available on PS3 for $14.99, Xbox 360 for $14.99 and PC via Steam for $14.99

Remember gamers…. Keep Calm and Guide the Tribe

Take Your Stand! (A look into inFamous vs. Prototype)

Hello and welcome to the first actual article here on WrmH0l3! In this post we are going to be discussing the heated competition between Sucker Punch Studio’s “inFamous” and Activision’s “Prototype”. To get things going, lets get a little background on the games for those who have either never had the opportunity to play them, or just live under a rock. Starting with inFamous:

In a gang riddled Empire City, bike courier Cole MacGrath is assigned to deliver a parcel across the city. Little does he know the dangers and devastation that await him and Empire City on his route. A massive explosion goes off during his journey across the grimy streets and wipes out a chunk of the island city. Laying unconscious at the center of the explosion is none other than Cole who is awoken by a phone call from his best friend Zeke Jedediah Dunbar. The gangs in Empire City have risen from the alley ways to claim the city as their own! People hide in their homes for dear life, the city lies in shambles from the explosion and there doesn’t appear to be any help in sight.

The wastes of Empire City span for miles. What will Cole do? Rise and defend? Or control and destroy? (Image provided by

The wastes of Empire City span for miles. What will Cole do? Rise and defend? Or control and destroy? (Image provided by

Who will rise from the ashes of the devastated city to take control back? Why our favorite bike courier that’s who! Cole has been given strange and powerful control over electricity and intends on fighting back. The only question remaining; will he be Empire City’s guardian and the bane of evil? Or will he create Hell on Earth? Only you can decide.

Here is a link to Sony’s E3 reveal trailer to inFamous back in 2007:

And now a glimpse into the dark world of Prototype:

Waking up to your own autopsy isn’t exactly the greatest way to start the morning, and unfortunately this is how Alex Mercer begins his adventures. With absolutely no memory of his past, he staggers through the alleys of Manhattan trying to regain his strength and figure out what happened to him. A squadron of armed soldiers head him off at the exit of the alley way and try to take him away. His only option is to get out, and that’s exactly what he does. What Alex has lost in memory he has gained in super-human capabilities. He is capable of incredible feats of strength such as pitching citizens by their skulls at one another and bounding the sides of New York’s iconic monuments. On top of super strength, he has also learned that he can shape-shift, consuming passers by, scientists and important military personnel Alex takes on their appearance and gains their memories. Paving the foggy path to what is going on in Manhattan.

The mysterious virus has claimed all of Manhattan.  What hope is there for the survivors? If there are any that is... (Image provided by

The mysterious virus has claimed all of Manhattan. What hope is there for the survivors? If there are any that is… (Image provided by

Oh, did I mention that he is also the ultimate bio-weapon? Yes, Alex can also turn his body into various tools of unimaginable destruction. However, the human science project isn’t the only weird occurrence in Manhattan, a mass virus has grown rampant infecting civilians and turning them into hideous monsters with an uncontrollable need to kill and spread the infection. Wielding his new found powers, Alex Mercer carves a gory road to uncover the secrets of his past and why all of Manhattan has fallen into chaos.

Here is a link for the trailer for Prototype:

Now that we have introductions out of the way, lets get into the real story behind these two games. We will take a look at several aspects that the games share, do comparisons and overall ratings of each super-human, and give you WrmH0l3’s final verdict. Lets jump in shall we?

Prototype and inFamous share about as many aspects of their game-play as they differ. One such similarity is their mission based campaign. Whether you play as Cole or Alex, you will be running, leaping and soaring through the streets to your objectives. Completing various tasks to bring yourself closer to the truth. This form of objective completion complements these games due to their free roam capabilities and sandbox play-style. Bounding from rooftop to rooftop as Alex Mercer laying waste to anything in front of you becomes regular activity when you have side objectives to complete, landmarks to be educated on and military bases to infiltrate aside from your campaign objectives. The same goes for the lighting bolt tosser Cole as you clear the districts of Empire City of the goons that have garrisoned the streets. But who did it better? In Prototype, Alex is tasked with a very shallow pool of things to do: killing things, infiltrating military bases and learning about the events leading up to the chaos that has taken Manhattan. After so much you feel a sense of redundancy in the campaign and start getting lost in tossing civilians at one another like a carnival game until the military sends elimination forces your way. As for inFamous? Cole is given a vast array of tasks to complete; anything from eliminating surveillance equipment off of apartment complexes and clearing sections of districts of hoodlums to races and reinstating the electrical currents in the city. inFamous has more than enough for the player to do until the end of the game. Which leads us into another part of game-play discussion, “post-campaign content,” neither game had much to offer in this department. inFamous doesnt offer much to the player after the campaign other than collecting blast shards (objects that increase your electrical capabilities) and trying to preform stunts for XP. I love sniping goons and citizens with electric bolts as much as the next guy but I can only take so much before I want a bolt of electricity to my head. Prototype on the other hand, while not offering many objectives has the fun of causing as much carnage and destruction as possible, and completing minor objectives such as races, infiltrating bases and stealing identities. Being somewhat sadistic this activity has kept me glued to my T.V. for hours, tearing apart military bases and pummeling monsters. So, to take the final score for game-play, inFamous comes in strong in the first round with a rich and open amount of activity during the campaign where Prototype is rather flat and repetitive in its campaign. The roles get reversed however as Prototype, still having a very slim pickings of side objectives but also a sandbox environment full of baddies to kick around and dive-bomb at.

Narrative, being the next topic, is a huge portion of gaming (well, unless you play League of Legends all day), without it the game would be an empty husk. Having the skeleton but nothing to keep it standing. The narrative in a game is what I find keeps me coming back, I begin to empathize with the characters emotions, develop memories of what I have done and accomplished in the game and work to see what becomes of the character. It’s always an exciting experience to me; much like a reader finds themselves thrown into the world that the author creates, a game does the same. The only difference is the interactivity that a game provides that books don’t. In a game, YOU control what happens, YOU experience the events first hand and are the reason for emotions of characters and major events. It’s as if you live a life that normally wouldn’t be a possibility. inFamous and Prototype both give the player an interesting plot to trek through and experience. Prototype is treated as a giant memory up until the present day Alex Mercer at the end of the game, recapping all of the events that led him to his final objective. during inFamous, you progress daily through the events of the game, however the outcome of the game depends on your actions and decisions throughout the game, you could rise up and be Empire City’s guardian or end up being its downfall. Guess what? Comparison time! Prototype taking the path that it does, throws the player into the mind of Alex Mercer, seeing his frustrations and emotions about his blank past, discovering it piece by piece and empathizing with him when you discover whats really going on. It’s a progression that becomes clearer the more you dedicate to playing, revealing a massive web of deceit, secrets and tragedy that all stems back to Mercer. Watching the development of the virus, discovering the governments involvement and trying to fix things. I found I was enthralled with the different connections that were being made as I consumed people and saw their memories, which are conveniently stored in a memory web on the main menu of the game. I wanted to learn more about who Alex was, who was involved in the chaos of Manhattan and why Alex became what he is. You get close to Alex, as distant of a person as he is by seeing all of the emotions he reveals through out the game. Now, in inFamous, you walk as Cole from day one of the events that take place in the game and experience his growth and development as a character in the game, whether you play as hero or villain there is always a twist that makes you wonder “how did I not see this coming?!” Even though you develop Cole and his powers based on his decisions, hes a rather stagnant character, not really showing much emotion, and what he does display is a huge radical from very noble to sadistic and cruel. There isn’t a real medium where you see just a person. So when something happens that puts him back a step, there isn’t much emotion other than “did this have to happen right now?” The events in inFamous are certainly interesting, tossing and turning as Cole changes the tides of street war and conquers his opponents. But, Cole as a character has much to be desired in my eyes. So Prototype takes the trophy for creating a dynamic character, but both games have great plots that are both engaging and interesting.

To begin looking more at the characters themselves now, lets check out combat and mobility in each game. Cole carries in his arsenal the power to project electricity in various forms of weapons such as bolts of electricity that are shot like a gun with a site circle to capture targets in, shock grenades, electric rockets, a shield and summoning the forces of nature as a giant lightning bolt comes down from the sky to ravage your foes. He also has knowledge of street fighting which he utilizes in close-quarters. The game continues to get challenging however as you progress, forcing you to learn how to efficiently fight with what he has to offer.

Cole using his Lightning Storm ability! A massive lightning bolt controlled by the movements of your controller. (Image provided by

Cole using his Lightning Storm ability! A massive lightning bolt controlled by the movements of your controller. (Image provided by

Alex Mercer on the other hand is a living weapon, turning his arms into giant blades, claws, hammer fists and a whip. He to has an understanding of street fighting, but would probably prefer to just chuck a tank at you and be done with it. With regenerative abilities in the form of consumption he can also shape-shift and walk through crowds of enemies unnoticed. He also develops a vast knowledge of military equipment and how to use it. So instead of just throwing the tank at you, he may hijack it and mow you down under its treads.

Alex's powers have no end! Sending a spike pyres all over laying waste to everything.  (Image provided by

Alex’s powers have no end! Sending a spike pyres all over laying waste to everything.
(Image provided by

The only thing I could say that’s particularly bad about this for Alex as a character is that he becomes so overpowered that the game becomes less challenging the further you progress. While Cole is fit to take down the goons and gang members of Empire City, his arsenal and versatility as a super-human don’t hold a light up to Alex and his bio-arsenal and capabilities as death-incarnate. As for traversing their environments? Cole can chose to walk the streets, grinding the rails of the local trains and the electrical wires of the cities power grids, or even hover a distance using electromagnetism to glide. Alex utilizes his super strength to haul himself at incredible speeds down the streets or scaling tall buildings and climbing them as well, along with being able to glide large distances. Visibility plays some role in these games as enemies are provoked to attack if you fall in their line of sight, so your choice in movement can make all the difference if your trying to sneak around and avoid combat. Cole’s got the upper hand in that his speedy and smooth grinding capabilities from one part of Empire City to the other gives him the sneaking capabilities he would need to avoid a lot of combat. If you’re looking to get from point A to point B however, Alex has the tools to get you there as fast as inhumanly possible. Cole seems to have the most handle on his mobility, being shaky and a little jerky at first is actually very versatile and smooth in his movements, where Alex’s strength can get the best of him and make him harder to control on occasion as you blow past your objective. Mobility is kind of a toss up, in that each game requires different things of each character. I personally enjoy the high speed, destructive movement of Alex, but that’s just me. Lets call it a draw for on that front.

Alas! The time has finally come. WrmH0l3 will slam the gavel and call a verdict to this case! Here is a simple comprehensive list of each games strengths and weaknesses that I covered in the article:

Prototype Strengths:

Entertaining sandbox environment that brings you back even after completing the game

– Intriguing character that is built and developed well throughout the campaign

– Dexterous campaign plot that draws the player in to learn more about what is going on

– Versatile combat that makes for exciting battles in any situation

Prototype Weaknesses:

– Little variation in tasks to complete in game

– Overpowered character that takes challenge from the game

– Can become hard to control the faster he moves, missing objectives or getting caught up on objects in the environment

inFamous Strengths:

– Wide variation of campaign and side objectives to complete

– Strong, surprising campaign that keeps the player wanting to see whats next

– Smooth and versatile movement that becomes easier and easier to use as you play

– Games increasing difficulty of play gives player opportunity to learn how to fight effectively with Cole

inFamous Weaknesses:

– Flat, radical character development. Not much to connect with.

– Minimal variation in powers and combat capabilities

– Little post-campaign content

Each game and it’s character have much to offer players. Super-powers, high end combat and intense campaign plots. But, WrmH0l3 has come to a decision that Prototype takes the cake. inFamous is certainly fun and highly enjoyable and worth playing, but I found Prototype the superior game, and Alex the superior character. I mean who doesn’t think that trashing the streets with hammer fists and sending spike pyres at anyone who gets in your way with your claws. Electricity is cool and all, but being the ultimate weapon is just too much fun!

Let me know what you thought of the article! What you liked, disliked etc. I’d love the feedback. As for those who follow me on twitter or would like too, tweet something about this article or either game to @connorhead2 with #Conduit for inFamous or #Evolved for Prototype!

Remember gamers, Stay calm and become Evolved

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